[wp-hackers] should (can?) wp-cache be adopted into the core?

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Apr 17 05:29:10 GMT 2007

Not unless it can be made 100% compatible with all hosts - Windows and IIS

I did some crazy overhauling of that script for my IIS host - yet I STILL
couldn't get it to work 100% there :-(

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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> Subject: [wp-hackers] should (can?) wp-cache be adopted into the core?
> there's been on-and-off issues with it, and while I applaud Ricardo on
> his time and effort taking Staticize Reloaded and bringing it forward
> into the new generation of WP, he's admitted to be overloaded and
> unable
> to keep it up to date and I think was asking for someone to take it
> over.  I'd claim that wp-cache is one of the most critical plugins out
> there for anyone with even a moderate level of traffic, and that having
> it not being properly attended to, updated, heck even improved, is
> going
> to become a 'critical issue' to many folks out there.  And I think it
> needs to be closer to the action.
> Opinions?  Matt?  (since I think staticize was your baby originally,
> no?)
> Any reasons it shouldn't be in the core (even if it's kept as a
> plugin...), while the object-caching approach IS?  Note that object
> caching has, in the past, shown to be detrimental to performance on the
> average shared hosting setup -- though on dedi setups, with APC or
> memcached and/or php bytecode caching, I could imagine setups where the
> object cache could beat out the wp-cache 'php page' caching system.  I
> run on shared for cost+stability management, I'd run on a VPS if my
> site
> really took off again.. ;)
> Just with all the discussion of things like tagging systems, adding new
> features, it seems that the management of staticize/wp-cache is really
> important to the community as an 'old feature' (in a sense), that aside
> from antispam stuff is one of the first recommended things to install
> for a successful site.
> Musing,
> -d
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