[wp-hackers] Ultimate Search Widget for Wordpress.

dayaparan ponnambalam daya at meyshan.com
Wed Apr 11 20:08:10 GMT 2007

We are indeed very happy to release the Meyshan Ultimate search widget for
wordpress under GNU GPL for the Wordpress Community use. This search widget
is better than any other search widget or plugin available for wordpress.
Simply for the reason, this search widget has multiple option and powers the
blog so that, visitor keep visiting to your blog. Look at some of the key
features,, Please see the demo here http://www.spicyexpress.net and comment,
i would highly appreciate your opinion on this.

1. Yahoo multiple search integrated.

2. Google Multiple search Integrated.

3. Google custome search integrated.

4. Google adsense integrated.

5. Snap Preview integrated.

6. Used yahoo UI and effect is just cool.

7. Finally this search widget for wordpress is easy to install and
configure, just activate the from plugin tab you are done. May be you need
google search api key, to be put in option page.
Please see the demo here http://www.spicyexpress.net and you can download
this widget from here..

Feature plan for Meyshan Ultimate search widget?

Now we have planned to integrate MSN search along with yahoo and google and
allowing blog owner to use the  choose between the search engine or use
In the upcoming release we have also planned to integrate Video support, so
that each blog owner could have personalized message for the blog visitor

Please check the widget and let me know your opinion and advice.



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