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Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Wed Apr 11 06:40:25 GMT 2007

ozgreg wrote:
> I got recently asked where on extend, can you download older release of the WPG2 plugin as the poster was running a older WP 2.0x release.
> Although I gave the poster a link to the WPG2 archives it got me thinking that we have no way to download older versions of the plugin's hosted on extend.
> To me this is an important point as the WP releases march on, not all WP users will upgrade thus we are going to need some way of proving access to older releases as at times later releases of our plugins may not be compatible with (still maintained) older WP releases (2.0.x branch for example)..
> My suggestion would be something along the lines of a previous version link/tab/page which would be Populating by scanning the readme.txt in the SVN tags for (supported) releases of Wordpress.
> Suggestions / Thoughts???

you could add a custom section in the "other notes" page, with links to 
downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/plugin_name.tag.zip, and it will work if 
the given tag exists.

btw, is it me, or the wordpress.org packager produces funny zip files? 
they seem to be missing some info at the beginning, so the "file" unix 
utility won't notice they are zips; unzipping works, but any archive 
viewing software that relies on file to get the file type (such as the 
mc VFS) won't recognize them.
Or maybe my Firefox and Opera and wget and curl have a common bug >:D

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