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Lloyd Budd lloydomattic at
Mon Apr 9 21:02:53 GMT 2007

On 4/9/07, Brian Layman <Brian at> wrote:
> Lloyd wrote:
> > I think it is less a matter of thead vs flat, and more about as much
> > as possible keeping a "thread" on a particular topic -- at least if
> > you want anyone other than those passionately following a whole
> > discussion to be able to contribute as the discussion meanders across
> > topics ;-)
> It's better than slight changes to the title with every single post. Then
> you don't know what goes where,  because even Outlook groups emails by
> subject.
> Anyway, I think we were still pretty close to Kevin's original topic of what
> infrastructure would best suit his needs.  It was all conversation that
> needed to happen and furthered his understanding (I hope) of the issues
> involved.
> Cheers Lloyd,

Whatever suits you, but an emails with subject like "Replying to
Lloyd" or "State of WP" I am a lot less likely to read or continue to
follow on a developer mailing list because it does not follow mailing
list netiquette.

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