Replying to Lloyd (was RE: db tables + file system directory limitations was( Re:[wp-hackers] State of WP ))

Brian Layman Brian at
Mon Apr 9 20:28:56 GMT 2007

Lloyd wrote:
> I think it is less a matter of thead vs flat, and more about as much
> as possible keeping a "thread" on a particular topic -- at least if
> you want anyone other than those passionately following a whole
> discussion to be able to contribute as the discussion meanders across
> topics ;-)

It's better than slight changes to the title with every single post. Then
you don't know what goes where,  because even Outlook groups emails by

Anyway, I think we were still pretty close to Kevin's original topic of what
infrastructure would best suit his needs.  It was all conversation that
needed to happen and furthered his understanding (I hope) of the issues


Cheers Lloyd,
Brian Layman

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