[wp-hackers] State of WP

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Mon Apr 9 19:45:51 GMT 2007

Matt M. Wrote
>Brian Layman wrote:
>> MySQL, to be brutally honest, is not a very mature database system.
> I would pretty strongly disagree with both of these.

Yeah, Matt, you're right to call me on that one.  I regretted that statement
as soon as I hit send and I've already recanted it in this thread.  

I've just been frustrated lately at not being able to use simple stuff like
subselect queries in what I am building.  But that's not a matter of MySQL
not supporting the features I want, but a matter the WP core needing to
maintaining wider install base. And as a point of fact, I could ignore the
restrictions, and release publicly for a later version of WordPress that
requires a more recent version if MySQL, if I so chose.  That's something I
think I just might do.

Brian Layman

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