[wp-hackers] Detect if a plugin is calling function

Ian Beck ian at onecrayon.com
Fri Apr 6 18:15:24 GMT 2007


New to the list; please forgive me if this topic has come up before,  
but I haven't been able to find any info online or elsewhere.

I'm working with David Coppit's Category Access plugin, which filters  
out blog content based on category and per user permissions.   
Currently, it filters all calls that fetch the post (such as get_post 
()), and on the way interferes with plugins such as Akismet (filters  
out the post content, making it difficult to tell what is spam).

I need to find a way to have Category Access check whether or not a  
local plugin is asking for post/comment content, and bypass the  
security measures.  Does anyone have suggestions for how to detect if  
a plugin is asking for the post content, or have suggestions for  
other workarounds?

Thanks in advance!


Ian Beck
ian at onecrayon.com

One Crayon Design

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