[wp-hackers] Extending extend/plugins

Martin Fitzpatrick martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 15:50:44 GMT 2007

On 04/04/07, Dan Kuykendall <dan at kuykendall.org> wrote:
> Martin Fitzpatrick wrote:
> > Also, oddly, if you look at the total count for downloads on the front
> > page it does not match the value shown on the statistics page, e.g.
> >
> > Front page:
> > Kramer
> > Downloaded 2,648 times
> Yeah it is odd, because my plugin podPress shows to have more downloads
> then the last one on the list, which I would think would move podPress
> up into the most popular.

Same here... which is why I noticed!

If you look at the stats graph for those plugins you see them going
back a long time to what looks like before the extend/plugins system
was open and/or made public.  I'd assumed that these downloads are not
being counted on the stats page and are on the front page - or that
downloads are being counted from way before then.  It would give them
a slight head start!


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