[wp-hackers] Extending extend/plugins

Dan Kuykendall dan at kuykendall.org
Wed Apr 4 14:52:41 GMT 2007

Martin Fitzpatrick wrote:
>> I also have some concerns over the most popular category because..
>> A) it appears to me that the most popular is simply the total
>> downloads which will favour the projects that have been around the
>> longest rather than the most downloads for say a week which is always
>> a better indication of what is popular.
> Also, oddly, if you look at the total count for downloads on the front
> page it does not match the value shown on the statistics page, e.g.
> Front page:
> Kramer
> Downloaded 2,648 times

Yeah it is odd, because my plugin podPress shows to have more downloads
then the last one on the list, which I would think would move podPress
up into the most popular list.

Dan Kuykendall (aka Seek3r)

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