[wp-hackers] Extending extend/plugins

Martin Fitzpatrick martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 10:40:04 GMT 2007

> I also have some concerns over the most popular category because..
> A) it appears to me that the most popular is simply the total downloads which will favour the projects that have been around the longest rather than the most downloads for say a week which is always a better indication of what is popular.

Also, oddly, if you look at the total count for downloads on the front
page it does not match the value shown on the statistics page, e.g.

Front page:
Downloaded 2,648 times

All Time 1,845

Not a biggie just odd.

Basing it on downloads also favours plugins that release frequently
(assuming people update) although that's not neccessarily a bad thing
(it works in my favour).

> B) I also feel the most popular should be linked to a tag rather than say than just a total number of downloads (as plugin's distributed  in core (like Akismet) will always feature heavily and skew the result of what really is popular vs what everyone has distributed by default)

I am slightly confused about the Akismet result - is that counting
downloads of Wordpress also? Seems a little bit pointless to feature a
plugin that is contained with Wordpress itself.

The plugin-folder mentioned elsewhere is also causing a few problems for myself.

I still think it's a huge improvement over self-hosting.


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