[wp-hackers] Extending extend/plugins

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Wed Apr 4 06:14:42 GMT 2007

Yep, and it's another reason to allow basic listing with outsourced file
hosting on wp-plugins.

That way you can list your plugin there, and set up the SVN and download
packages and everything else on your own server, using the wp-plugin just as
a beacon/listing.

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> Im still hoping this can be worked out. Im getting close to ditching
> the
> use of wordpress.org because this issue has caused about 70 different
> users to submit forum posts complaining about it not working and it was
> due to the dir name.
> Dan Kuykendall wrote:
> > In the last couple of days I have gone ahead and moved podPress to
> the
> > wordpress.org plugin directory, so that I can try and participate
> more
> > with the plugin community.
> > Most things are working nicely, the readme.txt solution is pretty
> handy.
> >
> > Anyways, I recently release version 7.7 of my plugin, so the download
> > link is now for
> http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/podpress.7.7.zip
> >
> > This is all well and good, except that when you unzip this, you get a
> > 'podpress.7.7' directory. I used to have a naming scheme very similar
> > naming scheme (podpress-7.7.zip). However I was zipping the dir to be
> > 'podpress' as it should be.
> > I released version 7.7 last night, and already this issue with the
> dir
> > being named 'podpress.7.7' has resulted in about 20 users posting on
> my
> > forums, emailing me directly, or IM'ing me about podpress not
> installing
> > properly. Most of these were new users, most of my existing users
> > realized they needed to rename the dir, but the new users dont.
> >
> > Is anyone else having this problem?
> >
> > Can someone involved with the plugin dir look into naming the dir
> after
> > the plugin, rather than using plugin.tag? The zip file name doesnt
> need
> > to change, just the dirname inside it. Im willing to do the code if
> > someone wants to pass along the file driving this.
> >
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