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DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Tue Apr 3 08:37:35 GMT 2007

I've put a Summer of Code project proposal in for that idea..
Plus a few other things in there,
I've allready started working on related parts of it, and plan on  
releasing something even if my proposal isnt accepted.
I'm planning on having it being able to automatically install most  
plugins/themes, and checking updates periodically automatically.

At present i've got the Plugin search/theme search integrated into WP, and  
am working on checking for updates now.
So i've allready got a good start on it.. If anyone is interested in  
developing something themselves as well, i'd appreciate if they were to  
get in touch with me, mainly so that if multiple plugins are developed,  
that we all follow some basic "rules" (ie. how to check for update, Where  
to check, etc)

On Tue, 03 Apr 2007 18:25:06 +1000, Viper007Bond <viper at viper007bond.com>  

> I've been rolling some ideas around in my head for the past couple days  
> (as
> I'm usually doing) and now that some plugins are hosted at WP.org, I  
> suggest
> we make an update checker to go with it.
> Some thoughts / ideas:
> * have plugin authors add a new field to the plugin details at the top of
> their file which lists the plugin's stub name at WP.org (ex:
> vipers-video-quicktags)
> * once every X weeks/days/whatevers, use that stub to contact WP.org  
> (unless
> the user has opted not to) and parse an XML document located at like
> updatechecker.php?stub=vipers-video-quicktags
> I don't think auto-updating is worthwhile as there's just too many server
> configurations to deal with (permissions and all that crap), but a little
> notice saying that a new version of so-and-so is available along with a
> download link would rock I think. The XML document could contain the
> download link, real plugin name, new version, etc.
> Thoughts?
> Sounds fairly easy and worthwhile to me and I'm totally up for helping  
> out
> or even spear-heading it if there's interest.

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