Editor tab titles was( Re: [wp-hackers] Tabbed Editor )

Lloyd D Budd lloydomattic at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 19:43:02 GMT 2006

On 9/25/06, Charles <lists06 at wiltgen.net> wrote:
> > 'Call it "Editor". People are accustomed to the phrase "text editor."'
> Well, both tabs are editors.  (Did you see all of the other suggestions that
> were posted?)

Yes,. I saw the other suggestions as did Vera. She has specifically
dealt with the same problems before having worked on Netscape, Flock,
Safari, and other products.

> > How about the front page route? "Design" and "Code".
> That's nice, and similar language is used by Dreamweaver and other dual-mode
> editors.

One important thing I sometimes struggle to remember in design is that
I are not my user, and in this case neither are Dreamweaver or Front
Page users.

Of course, both tabs are editors, but as you point out language is
often ambiguous for its own good. More so here, for most people the
first tab is the editor, and the other tab shows their post in

A label of more than a word is also often awkward. There are also
considerations of translation.

Ironically, multiple (clarification) word terms often actually
backfire, as people naturally shorten them in their conversations.


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