[wp-hackers] Login issues and Logging

James Kelly me at jameskelly.org
Fri Sep 22 22:07:51 GMT 2006

> Aaron Brazell wrote:
>> We have a persistant problem and I can't seem to figure out why. As some of
>> you know, I support 150+ WP blogs. One particular ongoing issue has got me
>> stumped. A user can't login. I can login with the users account, but the
>> user can't. Neither on her PC or on her Mac. Another user can't login. He
>> also uses a Mac. I can login with his credentials, but he can't.

> In case you hadn't thought of it, and off the top of my head, disabling
> cookies could cause this.

That almost sounds like something is being sent before the headers
resulting in the cookies not being sent.  Just a shot in the dark but
is there something like a warning or a space or something coming
through in certain situations?

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