[wp-hackers] Big fix for WP 2.1-alpha3

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Fri Sep 22 01:19:59 GMT 2006

Roland Haeder wrote:
> On Thursday, 21. September 2006 19:52, Austin Matzko wrote:
>> I wish I knew what it is I now know.
> I have fixes some more notice messages which you can see 
> with "error_reporting(E_ALL);. I also added an "element cacher" and an 
> experimental and unfinished SQL cacher to it.

Memoization of function results can be done with the object cache we 
already have.  Memoization of the formatting functions may or may not be 
worth it.  Often times creating keys for the cache takes enough time to 
not make it worthwhile for functions that will only be called a few 
times with the same data.  Usually we are better off making the function 
faster, if possible.  We have some patches for texturize that make it a 
good deal faster.

Caching SQL results, especially the results of the front page query can 
make a big difference. We've played with different approaches to doing 
this but none have been committed thus far.


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