[wp-hackers] Supporting ISAPI_Redirect

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Thu Sep 21 09:41:29 GMT 2006

Yeah, it's basically a port of mod_rewrite, and works with almsot the
same exact syntax.
It doesn't use .htaccess...... it uses httpd.ini and can be used
globally or on a per-directory basis - exactly like mod_rewrite.

>From teh docu:
There are two types of configuration files - global (server-level) and
individual (site-level) files. The global configuration file should be
named httpd.ini and should appear in the ISAPI_Rewrite installation
directory. The shortcut of this file is provided through the start
menu. The individual configuration files should be named httpd.ini and
could appear in physical root directories of virtual sites. All
configuration files have the same format. And it is the format of a
standard Windows INI file where settings are broken by sections. The
only section allowed in this version of ISAPI_Rewrite is
[ISAPI_Rewrite]. All directives should be placed in this section and
each directive should be placed on a separate line. Any text outside
this section will be ignored.

Full documentation at: http://www.isapirewrite.com/docs/

Sample file:


# This is a comment

# 300 = 5 minutes
CacheClockRate 300
RepeatLimit 20

# Block external access to the httpd.ini and httpd.parse.errors files
RewriteRule /httpd(?:\.ini|\.parse\.errors) / [F,I,O]

# Block external access to the Helper ISAPI Extension
RewriteRule .*\.isrwhlp / [F,I,O]

# Some custom rules
RewriteCond Host: (.+)
RewriteRule (.*) /$1$2 [I]

Very straight-forward,, just create the .htaccess file AND the
httpd.ini file, and let the webserver chosse which to use.
Wouldn't that work??

I'm still moving, (hence my lack of activity), and though I'm done I
don't have internet at home yet, so I can't test this (my IIS server
is at home).... but I'll see if the university has a testbed vertual
server I can use to check this out on..... but what do you guys think?

The only drawback is that not everyone uses it. Everyone with apache
uses mod_rewrite, but htis is a relatively rrare product, though it is
the only free implementaton of mod_rewrite for windows.


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