[wp-hackers] RTE

Petit petit at petitpub.com
Mon Sep 18 20:42:28 GMT 2006

Mani Monajjemi wrote:
>> I know it's not "our" fault though, but..after handling support 
>> threads of
>> "My blog's messed up! HELP!!" And it turns out they *usually* 
>> copy/pasting
>> from a word processor, right into the RTE.. "we've" come to find out, 
>> they
>> didn't know how to turn off the RTE, or they knew.. but didn't care 
>> about
>> it...sigh. IMHO, If all possible.. maybe make it OFF for default.. and
>> have
>> it added in the Write Post window?
> Pressing ALT+B inside TinyMCE causes another toolbar to show on with
> Built-in "Paste from Word" and "Paste as Plaint Text" buttons.
Something must have happened. I use the WP ver. 2.04 and in my TinyMCE I
get the same result form Ctrl+B, Alt + B and Alt Gr + B, that is I get 
*bold* text..

I begin to wonder, what versions do you guys use?
( I know I'm on the hackers list ;)

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