[wp-hackers] RTE

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sat Sep 16 18:22:17 GMT 2006

+1 on moving editor to a plugin, even having it default ACTIVE in a new 
install to accomodate average users over us techie types.  makes it easier 
to then replace with other competitive RTEs, and no hunting for how to 
disable it site-wide (i.e., just deactivate it! ;) ).

But that's a techie's opinion, someone who won't ever use the RTE bc I don't 
need it or want it, it causes headaches for most of my cool plugins, etc. ;)


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I am in favor of option B. Additionally I think the editor should be 
implemented as a plugin, as others suggested. The plugin will obviously use 
filters & hooks to implement the functionality. So it will be easier to swap 
it with something better and more stable. Users will have more choice.

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