[wp-hackers] Text ads in themes

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Sun Sep 10 23:07:59 GMT 2006

>>> ...I don't follow the purpose behind the reference.
>> I think Charles flagged a possible case of hypocrisy, but I have
>> always stuck with the assumption that each person is permitted to
>> make impulsive mistakes, especially at the age of 21.
> Exactly.  And if Charles had bothered some reading up a bit on the
> background (Sorry Charles!), he shouldn't have made that reference.

Thanks for the concern Petit, but I mentioned it because I know the
background.  I'll explain it a bit more for you.

The point of the reference was to highlight the similarity of the
blood-in-the-water attitude toward the theme author, Scott, to the
blood-in-the-water attitude of the blogosphere toward Matt once upon a time
(even though what Scott did was exponentially more trivial).  Everybody puts
a link in their theme, because a little Google Juice is generally the only
benefit of creating a WordPress style.

To Roy's point, there's obviously some hypocrisy involved too, but I
certainly didn't fault Matt then, and don't fault Scott now.


-- Charles

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