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Sun Sep 10 12:55:03 GMT 2006

___/ On Sun 10 Sep 2006 13:36:43 BST, [ Petit ] wrote : \___

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ___/ On Sun 10 Sep 2006 01:26:34 BST, [ Kaf Oseo ] wrote : \___
>>> Charles wrote:
>>>> Glass houses, stones, etc.  Live and let live, blah blah blah.
>>>> http://waxy.org/archive/2005/03/30/wordpres.shtml
>>> Should I take your response to mean you believe the theme author
>>> should realize the use of text ads is a big mistake*, perform a
>>> (very public) mea culpa over it, and then pull the ads from all
>>> current and future themes?
>>> Otherwise I don't follow the purpose behind the reference.
>> I  think Charles flagged a possible case of hypocrisy, but I
>> have  always  stuck with the assumption that each person  is
>> permitted  to make impulsive mistakes, especially at the age
>> of 21.
> <snipped>
> Exactly. And if Charles had bothered some reading up a bit on the
> background ( Sorry Charles! ),
> he shouldn't have made that reference.

It might be difficult to judge.  Maybe the defensive side of
the story was neglected for brevity.

Best wishes,


PS  -  I  strongly  agree with your previous  post  on  this
thread.  Several  valid points were made. To add  just  one:
'third-party' links that are bought for SEO purposes subvert
otherwise-fine  SERP's.  That  in itself is  an  abomination
which  harbours  the death of an Open and democratic Web  --
one of those aims that WordPress, being standards-compliant,
Free and suitable for all, strives to address.

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