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James Kelly me at jameskelly.org
Sun Sep 10 15:08:10 GMT 2006

Perhaps, but not everyone is a css junky.  Many want the ease of use
of a typical plugin.  I have in the past done exactly what you've
suggested, and it works well.

I wanted a plugin that used the theme of the existing site, would work
for most people, and it wasn't a lot of work anyway.  Plus, if people
want to style it they can.

Sunday, September 10, 2006, 6:14:48 AM, you wrote:

> Hmm, seems like a lotta work when you coulda just copied the login 
> form's HTML into a WP Page and had it post to wp-login.php. No core 
> modifying needed and it'd look exactly the same...

> And the register and login links can even be pointed at your Pages via a
> plugin and 2 filters.

> -Viper

> James Kelly wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Well, I'm not really a newbie...really.  I'm just a newbie on
>> wp-hackers.  I've been watching this plethora of information dribble
>> into my inbox (and at times flood it), and I am really anxious to help
>> out if I can.
>> I've been developing plugins for quite some time now, although none
>> have ever been released to the public...until today.  I've created a
>> plugin that allows me to customize the display of the login,
>> registration, and reset password forms on my site.
>> I pretty much copied the core logic from wp-login.php and
>> wp-register.php into the plugin and I've now made it available.
>> Interestingly enough, there was a discussion just last night about
>> this which is what prompted me to clean it up and release it.
>> I've also downloaded, installed, and am familiarizing myself with
>> Subversion so that I can hopefully contribute in some small way to
>> WordPress itself.  Two areas I am deeply interested in pursuing
>> further:
>> 1)  The discussion about hooking into the WP login/reg process (in
>> hopes to make my brand new shiny plugin obsolete)
>> 2)  The discussion about categories.  One thing that seems like it
>> should definitely be included in the core is the ability to sort
>> categories.
>> Thanks for the amazing tool and system.  If anyone is interested in
>> looking at the plugin, they can see it here:  <http://www.jameskelly.org/wordpress-plugins/custom-login-and-registration-forms-plugin/>
>> Please let me know if any of you have any comments regarding the
>> plugin or otherwise.
>> --
>> James
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