[wp-hackers] Make wp_setcookie() accept an expire parameter?

Viper007Bond lists at viper007bond.com
Sat Sep 9 09:50:16 GMT 2006

I was thinking it'd be cool if wp_setcookie() could accept a parameter 
for when to make the cookie expire. Modifying $remember might do this, 
but I'm not sure if that'd break things, so adding a new parameter may 
be the only way to maintain backwards compatibility.

The idea came up while modifying the login form and I saw this:

<input name="rememberme" type="checkbox" id="rememberme" value="forever" 
tabindex="3" />

If a filter was applied to that "forever", then a plugin could control 
how long users stay logged in for (for those who want users to 
auto-logout after X amount of time from logging in for security 
purposes). Although I guess a plugin could do this manually via standard 
PHP and admin area hooks...



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