[wp-hackers] WP 2.1 Launch and Heads-up for Plugin Developers

Sam Angove sam at rephrase.net
Sat Oct 28 04:42:55 GMT 2006

On 10/28/06, Robert Deaton <robert at lushlab.com> wrote:
> I disagree. Testers has a lot of information in and out on the state
> of plugins, things that work with newer versions, problems with
> plugins breaking, etc. Developers should be subscribed to both.

Not everyone has the time to live and breathe WordPress. Testing often
consists of installing plugins with the new version and praying that
nothing breaks. Judging by the the number of complaints about broken
plugins every time there's a release, a lot of people work this way.

I realize we'll be first against the wall when the revolution comes, but still.

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