[wp-hackers] Loosening username restrictions in plugin?

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Fri Oct 27 02:40:11 GMT 2006

the template can just use a sanitized (and unique) version of the uri, or 
other (site unique) chosen shortname.  should be similar (in concept) to 
generating a unique post name from the post title for fancy urls...


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> That's exactly what I wanted to do. However, this idea plays havoc with 
> the Author template's fancy urls. In particular, I don't think it likes 
> extra slashes in the url. Not the greatest idea ever.
> Charles wrote:
>> I could be wrong too, but I think he wants to support URIs that would let 
>> people use their OpenID to log in (which would be super-cool).
>> A typical OpenID URI:  alice.openid-provider.org 

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