[wp-hackers] Plugin author stats

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Mon Oct 23 19:48:04 GMT 2006

Andy Beard wrote:
> Will the system remain exclusive to those using wp-plugins.org ?


> Some authors choose to use an alternate license (for various reasons),
> others are forced to because they use code that might not be GPL compatible.
> (e.g I used some stuff from Dynamic Drive in the past)

As long as it's GPL-compatible, which lots of licenses are, then it's no 
problem. People with commercially-licensed plugins can host them elsewhere.

> Regarding layout, it was just an observation. I am sure there is a benefit
> in total traffic, and obviously in downloads for a theme.

themes.wordpress.net is a separate project on a separate domain, if you 
want to talk about it you should chat with Thomas.

The only theme thing I've written is this:


Which is pretty sparse.

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