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Wow... 8000
I should have checked that :)

But one difference I _did_ notice is that Nabble appends a link to
itself at the bottom of every mesage (was this the "viral" marketing
you were talking about?)
Google Groups doesn't do that.... but then again, does it hurt us?
that's the biggest question.

(Thanks Roy, the site is back up now, and I'm going dedicated this
weeek so that won't happen again!)

On 10/22/06, Roy Schestowitz <r at schestowitz.com> wrote:
> ___/ On Sat 21 Oct 2006 22:58:25 BST, [ Charles ] wrote : \___
> >> Nabble's use of content is not much different from Google's
> >> exploitation of UseNet.
> >
> > Google Groups is just a web interface/gateway to Usenet.
> Would anyone reply to messags from the 80's? The raison detre of
> Google was to provide access to content, maybe provide some tools
> (e.g. Google Video, Goo-Tube, Web authoring, blog hosting), but not to
> become a repository.
> > Is Nabble scraping content from Google Groups, or from the list directly?
> The list, in the form of E-mail input. In any case, the archives are
> static. With an Alexa rank of ~8000, however gross and inaccurate
> these things may be, it's nothing to sneeze at. Lastly, it uses a
> viral marketing technique to spread itself.
> Then again, many so-called 'forums' use the same techniques to absorb
> 'Googlejuice'. The problematic ones are those who claim or/and pretend
> to have content ownership. One such example would be JLA forums who
> scrape our Linux advocacy forum. And all that said, I concur with CG
> who said that proliferation of the content may serve our interests as
> well. It's not backed by advertisements and no knowledge is being
> traded /per se/.
> Best wishes,
> Roy
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