[wp-hackers] WordPress plugin development / hacking mentoring program

Kirk Montgomery clarke1866 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 21:28:14 GMT 2006

Hi everyone,

I've written a number of plugins for wordpress and I'd like to write
more.  Everything I've learned I've picked up via the web having never
taken a programming course in High School or University.  I'm certain
that the code I write is not very efficient or well thought out, and,
although it does get the job done I think I'm reaching the end of
things I can learn on my own.

So I'm looking for a mentor, someone (or someones) who can answer a
question or two once and awhile and point me in the right direction,
look over my work, and generally tutor me and keep me on the straight
and narrow.  While WP-hackers is a great resource to turn to for
questions and advice, but there is no 'overall plan' and the
questioner really dictates their own learning.  A mentor would be able
to provide the guidance needed to grow and already know what the
mentoree needs to learn.

I'd really enjoy the opportunity of working with someone (or a group
of people together) on making plugins / WordPress improvements /
tinkering for the benefit of the whole of the WordPress community.  As
I see it, the main benefit of being a mentorer would be the
satisfaction of helping someone grow and watching that person help

What do you think, are there people out there in the WP community
willing to help out others in this manner?  Is this a good idea?

Kirk Montgomery

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