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> On 10/20/06, Kirk Montgomery <clarke1866 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I've written a number of plugins for wordpress and I'd like to write
>> more.  Everything I've learned I've picked up via the web having never
>> taken a programming course in High School or University.  I'm certain
>> that the code I write is not very efficient or well thought out, and,
>> although it does get the job done I think I'm reaching the end of
>> things I can learn on my own.
>> <snip />
> perhaps in the immediate future, the WordPress project should consider
> taking part in SoC sponsored by Google. :)

There were discussions about this before (applications too, IIRC), yet  
I worry that Blogger and Blogspot lead to conflicting interests. Then  
again, Drupal competes with Google's equivalents to an extent; same  
with KOffice... and yet they both got Google's assistance.

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