Why not upgrade? was (Re: [wp-hackers] Maintenance release, first gate of "is the issue major?")

Craig nuclearmoose at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 19:23:33 GMT 2006

I like the idea of giving people a notice/warning/heads-up about a new
release, especially one that is done for security purposes. However, if you
put something into the core that sends a ping to the WP Mother Ship stating
what version is running, and then the Mother Ship sends that installation
instructions to inform the user, then people will howl about privacy.

In order to do this in a way that minimizes such claims, you really should
have something in the Install routine that clearly illustrates an opt-in
choice to be notified of updates and what information may be transferred and
how one's privacy is assured.

Given that I am code-clueless, there may be a way to accomplish this without
raising the ire of privacy advocates, in which case you can simply ignore my
comments. :^)


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