[wp-hackers] Efficient Tag Plugin for Wordpress/WPMU

Shayne Sweeney wp-hackers at shaynesemail.com
Thu Oct 5 15:37:54 GMT 2006

I am in need of a Wordpress plugin that adds tagging functionality to posts.
I have found numerous of these plugins via Google, however, before tackling
a fairly steep integration I was hoping that The Hackers could point me in
the right direction.

I will be using this plugin on WPMU and will/can modify if needed.

The plugin has to be efficient, so don't offer up Ultimate Tag Warrior,
because it's ultimately, too inefficient. :)

If anyone has recommendations on a great, flexible, efficient tagging system
for Wordpress/WPMU I would greatly appreciate the feedback.


PS - I do not care as to if it's provider specific as that can be changed.
Ex: Technorati only tags.

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