[wp-hackers] Direct requests for a page generate error

Richard K Miller richardkmiller at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 20:00:12 GMT 2006

Hi, this is my first post to the WP Hackers list, though I've used  
WordPress for a long time.  Thanks for an awesome product.

I run FreeMacWare.com and a few sister sites, all powered by  
WordPress.  I've had to make a small change to the source to meet our  
needs, and I wonder if the change ought to be incorporated into the  
WP trunk.  I'm hoping you can help me understand whether or not this  
issue is a bug.

On line 130 of wordpress/trunk/wp-includes/classes.php, you'll find  
	if ( isset($perma_query_vars) && strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], 'wp- 
admin/') )

For our needs I've had to change it to this:
	if ( isset($perma_query_vars) )

To my understanding, $perma_query_vars should be unset no matter  
whether it's a wp-admin/ request or not.  This would seem to make it  
consistent with lines 124 and 127 as well.

Here are the symptoms:
* With a permalink structure of /%postname%/, accessing  
www.example.com/wp-atom.php DOES NOT return any results.
* With any other permalink structure or none at all, accessing  
www.example.com/wp-atom.php DOES return results.

I can give specific details about my case if necessary, but I thought  
I'd open this for discussion first.  (Is that the right way to go  
about this?  Should I provide a patch?)

Best regards,

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