[wp-hackers] Free JavaScript blowfish implementation?

Roland Haeder webmaster at mxchange.org
Wed Oct 4 19:40:13 GMT 2006

Hello Sebastian,
> Hi Roland,

> couldn't you rewrite your plugin to be an extension to the wonderful
> Spam Karma? Also take a look into Spam Karma to find a solution for your
> form-manipulation problem ... it has a similiar method of sending a
> md5-hash with each comments (but it doesn't block out people without
> javascript).
Hmmm, I can make a SK2-edition of my plugin, sure. I can try it out. :-)

> Secondly, wordpress is capable of manipulating the .htaccess file, your
> plugin isn't ... why? Also, fail gracefully instead of always dying on
Because of I don't know / haven't digg so deep into the WP core. :-/

> the user ... if something is not configured correctly or the server
> doesn't support certain functions DON'T EVER DIE! When do coders realize
Okay, I'll have a look in http://codex.wordpress.org and link it here when I 
have found it. :-)

> that everytime they do this god kills a cute little kitten? Don't do it!
> You may have learned that in a computational engineering class and it
> was a good practise, but it really sucks in the real world ...
> especially if it's a plugin that is killing the main application :-/
Okay, maybe I was absent/ill in that lesson... ;-)

> Just my 2 cents,
I will attach them to my screen here to get remembered everytime I want to use 
a die().

And thanks a lot for all the other replies. I have read them all. :-)

> Sebastian

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