[wp-hackers] Free JavaScript blowfish implementation?

Sebastian Herp newsletter at scytheman.net
Tue Oct 3 01:08:09 GMT 2006

Roland Haeder wrote:
> On Tuesday, 3. October 2006 01:06, Albert Holm wrote:
>> You'll probably get more help and ideas on to solve whatever problem you
>> try to solve if you explain what you want to achieve.
>> /Albert
> Okay, might be a non-WP question. But no, I code a plugin here which puts 
> sensitive data into the HTML code. It's "just" a hash of several data from 
> the server but this hash is the "secret key" which unlocks my CPR plugin 
> (Comments Post Rewriter).
> I have written this in general words because maybe someone knows where to get 
> Blowfish JavaScript functions. :-/
> Roland
Hi Roland,
couldn't you rewrite your plugin to be an extension to the wonderful 
Spam Karma? Also take a look into Spam Karma to find a solution for your 
form-manipulation problem ... it has a similiar method of sending a 
md5-hash with each comments (but it doesn't block out people without 

Secondly, wordpress is capable of manipulating the .htaccess file, your 
plugin isn't ... why? Also, fail gracefully instead of always dying on 
the user ... if something is not configured correctly or the server 
doesn't support certain functions DON'T EVER DIE! When do coders realize 
that everytime they do this god kills a cute little kitten? Don't do it! 
You may have learned that in a computational engineering class and it 
was a good practise, but it really sucks in the real world ... 
especially if it's a plugin that is killing the main application :-/

Just my 2 cents,

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