[wp-hackers] Convert WP site into static content

Florian Kriener florian at leflo.de
Wed Oct 4 12:00:51 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 22:54, Trevor Turk wrote:
> I'm trying to convert an existing WP site I've got with many Pages (with
> subpages, etc) into some kind of non-web format. I've seen some PDF
> outputting plugins, but they don't seem to have a bulk one aside from this:
> http://wp2pdf.sourceforge.net/. I'm wondering if anyone has used that?
> The Staticize Reloaded plugin seems to be broken, and I haven't been able
> to find anything else to fit this need.
> So, if anyone has had to dump a WP site into static non-web content, please
> speak up if you have any tips!

How about html2tex (or one of its derivates). Might be a bit of work but 
definetly worth a try: http://www.iwriteiam.nl/html2tex.html

name....Florian Kriener
email...florian at leflo.de

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