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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Wed Oct 4 04:20:41 GMT 2006

___/ On Tue 03 Oct 2006 22:23:33 BST, [ Alan J Castonguay ] wrote : \___

> Trevor Turk wrote:
>> I'm trying to convert an existing WP site I've got with many Pages (with
>> subpages, etc) into some kind of non-web format. I've seen some PDF
>> outputting plugins, but they don't seem to have a bulk one aside from this:
>> http://wp2pdf.sourceforge.net/. I'm wondering if anyone has used that?

I  have used it happily for over a year, but I suspect  that
it  /might/  not be fully compatible with 2.0.x. It  doesn't
appear to be maintained anymore (I tried to report some bugs
that I had fixed, to no avail). There are a few minor issues
like   restoration   from  MySQL  dumps,  which   may   drop
wp2pdf-specific  settings. Lastly, the nice thing about this
plugin/project  is  that  you can assemble  PDF's  in  large
batches    using   typical   filters/pseudo-'wildcards'   in
WordPress,  e.g. produce a document that contains all  posts
from September. This may suit you well.

>> The Staticize Reloaded plugin seems to be broken, and I haven't been able to
>> find anything else to fit this need.
>> So, if anyone has had to dump a WP site into static non-web content, please
>> speak up if you have any tips!
> If you can produce PDFs of posts / pages via a plugin on demand, then
> wget or curl can easily handle the bulk processing.

You  can get a list of links (full URL's) to all your  posts
quite  easily.  I  would  personally  use  narchives.php  to
achieve  this although one SQL query might be enough.  Then,
put all the URL's, newline-separated in a file.

use wget in the following way:

wget -q  -erobots=off -i links_file.txt

Another approach (just a recursive crawl):

wget -q -r -nd -N -np -A.html -erobots=off http://example.org

Upload  file  to  server at end. They should  prevserve  the
directory  structure if you choose/set the right option (man
wget,   plenty of  stuff  there). To  avoid   breaking   old
(perma)links, careful attention and testing will be needed.

Hope it helps,


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