[wp-hackers] Expected WPMU Performance

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Tue Oct 3 06:20:42 GMT 2006

Shayne Sweeney wrote:
> Robin,
> Litespeed is actually what Wordpress.com uses. According to their
> benchmarks, Litespeed's, Litespeed is faster. My tests have also shown
> numbers accurate to theirs. I've also tried Lighttpd in the past, both
> Litespeed and Lighttpd are showing numbers much faster than Apache.
> I am using a PHP caching as well, in fact, APC (Alternative PHP Cache). In
> the past I have used eAccelerator too. Both provide op-code caching and APC
> also has key based caching, similar to that of memcache.
> I'm currently writing a caching plugin that acts similar to WP-Cache but is
> computable with WPMU.
> Still looking for some solution.

You can try out the memcached backend to the WP object cache.



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