[wp-hackers] Re: Changing MySQL minimum version

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu Nov 30 17:58:44 GMT 2006

"It's just blog software, we don't really need anything that fancy."

That's the worst thing I've ever heard you say here.

WP is a competitive blogging (and CMS) platform.  It's being used not only 
for individual installations on shared servers (some with heavy usage), but 
bigger installs on dedi servers, all the way up to NYT and the like which 
are likely multi-server or at least heavy multi-processor boxes.  We're also 
seeing more use of it as CMS via Pages, and heavy multi-user installations 
like WP.com via WPMU.

Why wouldn't we want to take advantage of new (to MySQL, not to the rest of 
the SQL world...), higher-performing features like sub-queries, that can 
take load off BOTH the php box and the sql box?

With all the people who have to run WP-Cache2 in order to not have their 
provider take down their site for heavy php and sql use, with all the sites 
who live or die on the platform, we need every 'fancy' bit we can get.


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> Austin Matzko wrote:
>> With the sub-query functionality introduced in MySQL 4.1, we could
>> easily use a sub-query to define what we're excluding.
> Sub-queries are pretty rough in 4.1, they're really not fast until 
> 5.0/5.1. It's just blog software, we don't really need anything that 
> fancy. 

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