[wp-hackers] Replacing TinyMCE with Xinha

Kirk Steffensen blogger at steffensenfamily.com
Thu Nov 30 02:18:24 GMT 2006


I agree there are bugs in TinyMCE, but I also agree that the TinyMCE folks
have been squashing them fairly quickly.  I built a plugin for TinyMCE
(http://g2image.steffensenfamily.com) that's been used in WPG2
(http://wpg2.galleryembedded.com) for the past six months, so I feel I have
a little credibility on the matter.

That said, I think your specific example is not a good one.  Any editor for
a part of a page should strip out the <html> and <head> tags.  The shell (in
this case WordPress) is responsible for those parts.  The subparts of a page
should not try to have their own <html> and <head> tags, they should only be
a part of the <body> tag.  Unless I'm totally missing what you're trying to

I'm not religiously tied to TinyMCE either.  I can modify my Gallery2 plugin
for any editor with a good plugin system.  If we're going to look at a new
editor, though, I'd recommend a look at FCKEditor, too.  It has fairly wide
support among the other CMS-type software.

I think it is worth noting that one of my favorite "big CMS" projects,
Joomla (http://www.joomla.org) is also using TinyMCE as its default WYSIWYG
editor.  Joomla also has a good plugin system that allows you to choose
other editors, but it is their default, too.


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> Matt Mullenweg:
> I'm not religiously tied to TinyMCE, but Xinha was pretty 
> fragile in my 
> playing with it, and overall the codebase seems much less mature. We 
> have good upstream support from the MCE guys, good repeatable bug 
> reports (Denis' isn't) usually get fixed.

Sure they are. Send it to whoever is maintaining TinyMCE, he'll readily
reproduce them. If you need anything more specific, though:

If I recall correctly, weird things sprout when you hit the Return key
several times fast enough. Likely due to the way the script manages <p> and
<br> tags, i.e. we've got concurrent calls to the function when users type
too fast, and they produce weird output. The same occurs for other combos,
but this one was the most obvious.

I haven't the slightest clue why the divs come up exactly, but it should be
obvious to whoever created the validation script that, given the reported
bug, empty <div> tags should be corrected as <div></div> rather than plain
<div />.

For the front page bug, paste junk, e.g.:


And see TinyMCE accept the above unchanged instead of grabbing the part in
the body.

Lastly, I don't paste from Word, but a few of my customers certainly do.
They and others expect it to work because it's "bloody obvious" to them that
a list gets formatted as a list no matter where you paste it to or from.
Grab a few lists, tables, indents, etc. from Word97, paste in FCKEditor, it
almost always works. Do the same in TinyMCE, and you almost always need to
edit the resulting html source code. In particular, to remove <div />, <p />
and <script /> tags.


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