[wp-hackers] Lack of code savvy volunteers vs wp-hackers

Karen J. Gould banshee at webfaerie.com
Sat Nov 25 18:55:42 GMT 2006

(I've read the whole discussion, but am replying to the first to avoid  
attaching this post to any particular reply, since there are several  
germane ones.) I asked a question in the "hacks" forum that (in my *ever*  
so humble opinion) was above the level of "how do I change the color of  
the type" but not really in "hacker" territory. I was told to come to this  
list. So I did. After lurking for a couple of weeks, I'm not sure the  
question belongs here - most of the questions and answers are far above my  
coding skills. I can pick my way through most of the code, but I'm not  
fluent in it. Think of me as a tourist who only knows a few words in a  
foreign language, and mostly relies on a phrase book to get by.

But what's a gal to do? No one *there* could/would answer my question. I'm  
hesitant to inflict my barely-past newbie self on the far more savvy  
members of this list - and I wouldn't, if I could get the answer in the  
forum. So count me as a vote for perhaps a *little* more attention to the  
forums by savvy coders.

That said, as some one in this thread pointed out, nobody's being paid to  
help, and I can understand the frustration of seeing yet another OMG! MY  

So, I'll probably ask my question here anyway. Maybe even today.


On Fri, 24 Nov 2006 20:13:07 -0500, Michael B <miklb.online at gmail.com>  

> I'm cross posting this to both the forums and the hackers list, and  
> perhaps
> the copious amounts of sun from fishing all day, or perhaps it's the many
> blog posts I've read lately about the lack of focused participation in  
> the
> forums/codex, but it seems after my most recent reply in the hackers  
> list,
> that if less time was spent by the more talented coders who know the  
> code on
> the hackers list, and more in the forums, either via an "advanced"  
> forum, or
> something of the sort, many birds would be killed with fewer stones...
> I see more and more discussions and questions posed on the hackers list  
> that
> really could be relevant to the forums, and would be more widely read
> there.  Likewise, if those that frequent the hackers list spent just a  
> *few
> more minutes* there, some of the more technical questions that go  
> unanswered
> would get some love.  I wholly understand the desire for less "noise",  
> and
> the like minded camaraderie that is shared on the hackers list, but in  
> the
> spirit of growing the community, as well as embracing new users, be it  
> some
> times skilled coders unfamiliar with the nuances of WP, it could benefit  
> the
> greater discussion.
> I'm not suggesting the wp-hackers list doesn't have it's place, but am
> suggesting that perhaps some of the discussion isn't that far above the
> general audience that it can't be shared with the masses.
> I'd hate for wp-hackers to some day evolve into into something like
> css-discuss, and the only real source for meaty WP support, with the  
> forums
> relegated to the complete newbie and sploggers.
> Please don't flame me too hard, as I do have a bit of a sunburn, as well  
> as
> am still stinging from being called a "maladjusted geek"...
> Michael
> (miklb)
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