[wp-hackers] Lack of code savvy volunteers vs wp-hackers

Robert Deaton robert at lushlab.com
Sat Nov 25 05:12:32 GMT 2006

Here's my take on a few reasons why the code savvy currently avoid the
forums, and why a message like this probably won't have much of an

First off, there is the obvious, the noise ratio. If hackers are going
to be bothered to answer questions, they want a question that is going
to pose a challenge, not be a look it up in the codex type answer. The
amount of headaches that the coding community gets from seeing threads
like http://wordpress.org/support/topic/55854 makes it simply not
worth the while. Figure out a way to filter the good questions from
the questions that anyone with a brain and google can answer, and you
might start attracting more coding volunteers.

Secondly, the fact that any contributions to the forums are these days
pretty much one-time things. Let's face it, the search sucks. People
repost questions because in searching they find nothing useful, never
have, and until something drastically changes, they never will. This
is a problem with all forum software, and though I find it interesting
that we use a forum so that the history can be searched, I personally
think in its current form it is completely useless and stupid and you
might as well have a WordPress Support mailing list.

Sure, the other volunteers don't mind re-answering the same repetitive
questions day after day, but that quality is not one that is
widespread, especially in the typical programmer community.


I need to give my brain a rest for the night with some sleep, and so
I'll let this thread go on for a bit while I sleep. I look forward to
everyone's responses in the morning.

--Robert Deaton

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