[wp-hackers] postmeta databasing issues

Aaron Brazell emmensetech at gmail.com
Tue May 30 21:39:17 GMT 2006

I posted this request on the forum earlier hoping to get some advice and not
trouble the hackers here. Having said that, I haven't gotten any takers and
this is very quickly becoming a major issue.  The original request is here:

The question is is with 125+ blogs (some very heavy traffic), I am concerned
by an almost persistant error that we are getting now that appears to only
be with pinging, or something.  Entries are going through but this is very
annoying and could potentially not be pinging (not sure yet).  The error
that comes on universally every publish and edit is along the lines of:

INSERT INTO wp_postmeta (post_id,meta_key,meta_value) VALUES

WordPress 2.0.2, 3 web servers on a round-robin basis, 1 database server,
heavy optimization performed.  We are well below max concurrent connections
(though the number of connections is still high many times), mysql cache has
been optimized.  Wondering if a guru out there has any advice on how to get
this fixed, whether it's an optimized query or function I can push or
something more on the system level.  I'm open to suggestions but one thing
is sure, I need to find the cause and I need to find it soon.'


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