[wp-hackers] Plugin API Cheat Sheet

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Mon May 29 08:27:27 GMT 2006

Personally, I'd lose the hooks, and fill that with other info, like  
specific usages of things like add_management_page() with the params  
filled in.  The thing about the hooks is that knowing the name is  
only half the battle... you don't always know exactly where in the  
flow of things they are executed.  mce_buttons, mce_buttons_2,  
mce_buttons_3 ??? I'm going to have to go look those up anyway.  And  
you're never going to be able to fit all the hooks on there... there  
are just too many.  But that may just be me... I'm sure different  
people have problems remembering different things.  Oh, for  
add_filter/add_action... "accepted args" should probably be "# of  
accepted args" just to be clear.

Big kudos on taking the initiative on this!  I'm ALWAYS having to  
look stuff up, so a cheatsheet would really help me (I have a  
handwritten one for Gmail taped to my wall... has helped me a lot).

Mark Jaquith

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