[wp-hackers] [offtopic] "Copy as HTML Link" for Firefox

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Sun May 28 02:13:11 GMT 2006

>At  risk of prodding an OT discussion, I agree it's a great idea. 
>However, "view  source  selection" is two clicks away. After that,  
>CTRL+A,  CTRL+C will  have  the same effect, with extra flexibility. 
Err..  No... That would give you just the HTML source in your buffer.

Your method would paste something like this: <strong>NOT</strong>
Justin method would paste something like this: <a

A big difference.  

>On top on  that,  you have the WordPress boomarklet, which takes 
>the highlighted text, shifts it to  the  composing area, links to 
>its source, and grabs the page title  at the  same time. 

Agreed but it does it only once when creating the post right?

Anyway,I just wanted to clarify what the plugins actually did...

Brian Layman 

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