[wp-hackers] WP Editor, uploading attachments, FireFox and ~ (tilde)

Chris Lott chris.lott at gmail.com
Sat May 27 00:19:20 GMT 2006

I posted about this issue a while back and got no response. I have
since done some more research and hope someone has an idea that can
help me out-- this bug is killing me with my users!

The issue is this:

The current 2.0.2 WP upload facility, in conjunction with the editor,
mangles the links to uploaded files if the blog has a ~ in the path
and the user is posting with Firefox. The upload facility works fine,
the file is there, but the link that is produced when the file is
dragged to the editor changes from this:

Fixing the link in HTML mode doesn't change the end result. This
happens with Firefox (windows) but not Internet Explorer.

This clearly seems to be a problem with the TinyMCE editing component
and the browser, but I don't know which is at fault. In the meantime,
after moving all our users off of IE, photo blogging and podcasting,
etc. are essentially impossible for them on our shared servers!

Chris Lott

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