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Ryan Scheuermann ryan at concept64.com
Wed May 24 22:32:06 GMT 2006

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Wow, that looks really good. It also inspired me to start a new page, 
> feel free to add examples of things that look nothing like blogs at all:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Matt/WP_as_CMS
I've been using WP as a CMS for my clients for about a year now.  My 
clients pick it up quickly, and we hear nothing but good things about 
how easy it is to use.  I've used other CMS systems, they all do too 
much stuff and are too confusing for my clients.  WP lets us my clients 
see only what they need to, and I don't have to install all the bulk of 
a "complete CMS system".  I'll be using it for all our sites in the 
future, including a real estate and e-commerce site.  I just keep 
developing plugins for all the new features.  The anti-spam plugins are 
always a must.

Our site (http://www.concept64.com/) uses WP, and the following client 
sites do, too:  


 From my perspective, anything is possible using WP.  It's got one of 
the greatest frameworks for developing any PHP/MySQL site.  I've seen 
the other end of the spectrum (used to work with IBM's WebSphere 
Commerce Suite) and it's a complete nightmare.  "Do one thing and do it 

Best regards,

Ryan Scheuermann

Concept 64, Inc. | Phone: 610.349.0703 | Web: www.concept64.com

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