[wp-hackers] Sites running WP

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Wed May 24 21:51:31 GMT 2006

> Wow, that looks really good. 
> It also inspired me to start a new page, 
> http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Matt/WP_as_CMS

The availability of that kind of look and feel is what made me choose
WordPress.  I didn't want a typical "blog" looking site, but I really liked
the WordPress feature set.  2 years on and knowing a bit more about site
hosting now, there's still little out there in these other projects that
would draws me to a "true" CMS tool.

I've actually got a CMS style WordPress theme that I am working on.  It
would not be appropriate for your standard blog - comments don't have a
home, but as a company/individual portfolio site, if every thing I have
envisioned works out well, it will be pretty incredible.  The Mind Share
site, with it's three columns, reminds me of what I am doing with my theme,
With pages listed on the left, and they bring up a list of subpage titles in
the middle and that brings up the actual  post in the center.  The look and
feel is totally different though.  

In any case, WordPress is a great tool for this stuff. The new page is good
idea and I look forward to seeing what all is added.

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