[wp-hackers] Sites running WP

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Wed May 24 22:04:58 GMT 2006

Paul wrote:
>The very cool thing about this was the use of the dynamic Pages  
>hierarchy. When the content author (up in my DC office) wants a new  
>top-level item she just adds it to the page level and 'magic' the  
>node appears on the site. Unlike the old MT days when this had to be  
>changed by a developer only. Not that MT couldn't handle this. It  
>just was not architected that way via our templates.

I can't tell if you do this or not, but one thing my CMS theme's option tab
does is allow you to specify an entry, to be included in the menu/list of
pages, that actually links back Categories & the time based post structure
in WordPress.  It's great for News and Press releases...

Ah! Never mind... I finally ventured into the
http://www.mindshare.net/aboutus/ section... It looks like that's exactly
what you've done.  Your probably using the, currently underutilized,
category descriptions for the headers for those pages too... 

Shoot... I should have worked faster....

I agree with Matt.  Jolly good site!

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