[wp-hackers] Easytags template system

Sean Hickey seanhickey at gmail.com
Sun May 21 12:05:05 GMT 2006

Jumping in late here:

This just seems like a bad idea to me.  First of all, I don't know
anyone who actually uses the editor, although like Matt said, a lot of
people do.  But a lot still isn't much.  It seems like a lot of work
for something only a small group of people would actually use.

I can imagine the confusion this kind of system would cause. "Hey, I
just FTPd my theme edits, and now WordPress doesn't work!  What do you
mean the template system only works in the admin editor?"

Some kind of semi-theme engine seems like it would cause more
confusion than it would solve.  Either have a full blown theme system,
or don't.

WordPress could take the Drupal route, and allow people to install
theme engines, and have themes specific to an engine, but that will
also be confusing for some people.

- Sean

P.S. I don't understand the logic behind pointing someone to the codex
and saying, "Have at it", when they complain about the documentation.
Why would someone who *didn't* write the software be expected to write
the documentation for it?  Who understands the software better, and is
in a better position to write the docs?  The developers, or someone
who tinkers with WordPress?  How am I supposed to write the
documentation for some_function() when I didn't create the function?

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