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Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Thu May 11 09:41:14 GMT 2006

Excuse an outsider butting in here but I've been watching this thread  
with interest as accessibility of software and code is close to my  
heart and after 25 years designing UI's and working with users I've  
learnt the hard way the huge gap between what a programmer expects  
users to understand and what your average 'Joe' can actually  

This is a great piece of documentation and yes - get it in the Codex.  
But it is still a blank as far as most users will be concerned and a  
long way from being the 'WordPress Templates for Dummies' that they  
really need. I would wager that a good 70%-80% don't want to learn  
php, html or css - or - actually don't have the capacity to learn -  
they just want simple building blocks and very simple, short,  
explanatory documentation.

As you watch the support forum, I often wonder how many users give up  
altogether or settle for something less than what they would like -  
because they are stunned into submission by the techie talk. I don't  
necessarily have solutions by the way, I just think that this thread  
is still pitching largely at users with some skill and knowledge  
potential and that is still the minority. The majority pick a theme,  
install some plugins and are terrified to get any closer.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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On 08:44  AM |  Thu 11 May 06, at 08:44  AM |  11 May 06, David House  

> On 11/05/06, Paul Mitchell <wp-hackers at paul-mitchell.me.uk> wrote:
>> Yawn. http://www.libertini.net/libertus/2006/05/04/wordpress-loop/
>> written the week before this thread started. Copyright asserted.
> Great! Get it in the Codex.
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