[wp-hackers] A request.

Vogel, Andrew (vogelap) VOGELAP at UCMAIL.UC.EDU
Fri May 19 14:47:18 GMT 2006

I swear by
ess/. It may be able to do what you require.

-drew vogel

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> brian at thecodecave.com wrote:
> >> Podz wrote:
> >> The contact form plugin will do the job but we need 3 additions:
> >> 1 - that WP generates a number, shows the number to the person and
> >> 2 - a check box that indicates they have read everything, 
> agree with > 3 - And the appropriate error messages should 
> anything be missing.
> >> If no-one by the end of the day I'll take it to rentacoder.
> > 
> > Generating a unique number, displaying it, putting that 
> value in a hidden field that is part of a submit along with a 
> verification check box, and checking all of that when the 
> submit is done, is probably a 5 minute task for most of us.  
> > 
> > You're probably not getting any responses, because we're a 
> little unsure that that's all you'll be wanting. To me, it 
> sounds like you're asking how to do a fairly basic task that 
> will be used with something that already required a much 
> higher skill level to create.  Maybe I'm missing something.
> > 
> > Do you just want one of us to toss up a basic example php 
> file that does what I've described in the first sentence? And 
> if so, would you want the options to be shown in the URL 
> (such that the user could type them all in), or do you want 
> the submitted values to be hidden (probably better)?  Also, 
> do you care how long the number is?  And will it become the 
> user's ID (so that each user MUST get a unique one) or is it 
> just going to be used to verify the person came from the 
> registration page?   If that's not what you want, could you 
> give me/us more information?
> Thanks for replying :)
> It's not complex:
> http://www.tamba2.org.uk/install/
> Follow that through.
> What we need is for the person submitting their data to be 
> sure when they are contacted that the person who contacts 
> them is the real deal.
> They have to see the number.
> Ideally that number is cc'd to them.
> They get an email from us with that number.
> Trust issues are another matter - we are just after the 
> authentication.
> It's part of something that will live at wordpress.net and 
> operated by established WP users. The above is just getting 
> it looking and working well.
> P.
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